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Which member of Little Mix sang these lyrics? Perrie, Jesy, Jade or Leigh-Anne?

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Forced Order
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I know you like to play it slow, But I'm running out of time! (About The Boy)
Get your boy on his knees, And repeat after me, say (Black Magic)
Talk, talk turns into air, And I don't even care, oh yeah (Wings)
Sometimes we take it too far and go in at the deep end (Nothing Else Matters)
Hold up, wait, you used to be a frenemy Back then boy, ya didn't even notice me (Grown)
I feel a strange sensation taking over from my head to my toes, I got the shakes body rippling it's enough to shatter my bones (Madhouse)
Is you afraid of Blue's Clues? (You gotta not!) Do you still use a Bluetooth? (You Gotta Not)
Hey baby, Tell me your name, I got a fever for you I just can't explain (Move)
My sister says she doesn't like the way you wear your hair, But I know that she's jealous so why would I even care? (They Just Don't Know You)
Are you scared of the things that they might put you through? Does it make you wanna hide the inner you? (Change Your Life)
'Cause I've been chasing dreams since I took my first sleep, And I'm gon' be lil' Bo so contemplate if you're the sheep (Stand Down)
This is a shout out to my ex, Heard he in love with some other chick (Shout Out To My Ex)
He might got the biggest ca-ar-r, Don't mean he can drive me wild or he can go for miles. (Love Me Like You)
Thanking you for letting me through your galaxy, Pam-pa-rum-pam my heart beats (Red Planet)
Cause you changed me Now I believe And I need to feel alive Oh we have to survive (Stereo Soldier)

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