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How well do you know Jesy from Little Mix?

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Jesy Nelson is 1/4 of what famous girl band?
When was she born? (Type as eg. January 1, 2000)
What is her full name? (First, Middle, Last)
Where is her hometown?
Who are a few of her musical influences? (You Only Have To Name One)
What song did she sing for her X Factor audition?
Who are her parents?
How many siblings does she have? (Type The Number In As eg. 'One')
What are there names? (Name Just One)
Who was the dancer she dated from 2012-2014? (Hint! He's in the dance group, Diversity)
Who was Jesy engaged to from 2015-2016? (Hint! He's the lead singer of Rixton)
Which TOWIE star did Jesy briefly date in 2017?
What inspirational quote does Jesy have tattooed on her thigh?
What are her favorite colors?
Who is her style inspiration?
What is her nickname?
Similar to the Spice Girls, Little Mix nicknamed each other. What was Jesy's? (Hint! It's _______ Mix)
What is her favorite food?
What is her zodiac sign?
What is her favorite movie?
What is her hidden talent?
She shares her middle name with which other member of the band?
Is she the oldest, youngest, second oldest or second youngest in the group?
Is Jesy left or right handed?
Before auditioning for the X Factor, what did Jesy work as?
Thanks for playing! Type in 'jesy nelson' to end the quiz.

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