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QUIZ: Can you name the lyrics to Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes by Jimmy Buffett?

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Lyrics# of words
I took off for a3
Just to try and4
All of the faces and4
Wonderin' where3
I didn't ponder the3
I was hungry and4
Ran into a chum 5
And we wound up3
It's those6
Nothing remains3
With all of our6
If we couldn't laugh5
Reading departure sings4
Reminds me of4
Visions of good times5
Makes me want4
If it suddenly 2
I could somehow 4
Good times and riches5
Lyrics# of words
I've seen more4
These changes in4
Nothing remains3
Through all of the6
If we couldn't laugh5
I think about Paris6
I wish I could4
So many nights I just4
God I wish 4
Oh yesterday's over2
So I can't look4
There's just too much7
And I know that I 4
With these changes5
Nothing remains3
With all of my running5
If I couldn't laugh5
If we couldn't laugh5
If we weren't all crazy 4

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