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Can you name the events, locations, and leaders pertinent to the Arab Spring?

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Third president of Egypt
Fourth president of Egypt
Fifth president of Egypt, ruled for 13 months
Leader of 2013 coup in Egypt and sixth president following the 2014 election
King of Saudi Arabia, ruled since 2005
Fruit vendor commonly cited as the initiator of the Arab Spring
Site of major recent protests in Egypt
Second Tunisian president, ousted in 2011
Governing Islamic party in Tunisia from 2011-2013
President of Syria
Rebel force composed mainly of defected Syrian Armed Forces personnel
Executed Libyan leader (in 2011, marking the end of the Libyan civil war)
Legislative authority of Libya, succeeding the NTC
Site of major recent protests in Bahrain
Governed by the royal al-Khalifa family
Deposed after 33 years of rule, fourth Arab leader to be forced from power
Rise of sectarian unrest in this country was sparked by the 'spilling over' of Syrian civil war violence
The capital and Eastern Province of this country house a Shia majority
19 year long state of emergency in this country lifted in 2012
Human rights activist, called for a 'Day of Rage' in Sana'a

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