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Can you name the lineage number of these historically 'great' people

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Pope Gregory __the namesake of the Gregorian calendar, the most commonly used calendar in the world
Vlad __, Prince of Wallachia(Vlad the Impaler) Romanian prince who went to war with the Ottoman Empire, noted for his cruelty to both his enemies and his citizens
Ramesses __(Ramesses the Great) generally considered the most powerful pharaoh of the Old Kingdom
Justinian __(Justinian the Great) led the reconquest of Western Rome for the Byzantines
Elizabeth __current monarch of Great Britain
Cleopatra __ Philopatorknown mostly for a few love affairs with other leaders
Napoleon __first elected president of France, then first emperor of the Second French Empire
Mehmed __(Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror) conquered Constantinople for the Ottoman Turks
Richard __(Richard the Lionheart) King of England that fought against Saladin in the Third Crusade
Alexander __ of Macedon(Alexander the Great) conquered classical Greece and Persia
Umberto __(May King) oversaw the dismantling of the Kindgom of Italy after WWII
Henry __the first King of England to be head of the Church of England
Elizabeth __(The Virgin Queen / Good Queen Bess) Queen of England and Ireland, daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn
Kamehameha __(Kamehameha the Great) conquered the Hawaiian islands, forming the Kingdom of Hawai'i
Louis __(Sun King / Louis the Great) oversaw the creation of Versailles in the Ancien Regime
Frederick __(Frederick the Great) claimed Silesia as the King of Prussia
Maria __(Maria the Pious / Maria the Mad) first undisputed queen of Portugal, oversaw the movement of the court to Brazil to avoid the Napoleonic Wars
William __(William the Conqueror / William the Bastard) led the Norman conquest of England
Pope Alexander __born Rodrigo Borgia, generally considered the most corrupt pope in history
Cyrus __ of Persia(Cyrus the Great / Cyrus the Elder) founder of the Achaemenid Dynasty
Nicholas __ of Russiathe last Tsar of Russia, killed in the revolution
George __British monarch during the American Revolution

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