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Can you name these Christian reformists?

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This French pastor stressed the absolute sovereignty of God in salvation of human souls
An English lay preacher and university teacher, his followers known as Lollards believed in the holiness of the individual
This Czech priest's followers fought over a decade of war with the Church after he was burned at the stake
This Swiss pastor and humanist promoted clerical marriage, denied the presence of Christ in the Eucharist, and nearly caused a war in Switzerland
This German friar and priest attacked, among other instances of papal corruption, the selling of indulgences
Possibly from Lyon, this wealthy merchant gave away his fortune to preach apostolic poverty
A canon regular from Lombard, he called on the pope to renounce ownership of the Papal States and helped found the Commune of Rome
This Dutch theologian criticized what he considered pagan rituals and magical uses of sacraments by the Church
This Italian Dominican friar espoused prophecies of a new flood, called for the destruction of secular art and an end to the exploitation of the poor

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