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Can you name the North American cities and states by their literal name when translated?

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Literal CityCity, StateLiteral State
Great WaterBlooming Land
Of The MonksLand Of The Palefaces
The New Golden OneLand Of The Famous Warrior
The RebornSmall Springs
Bear Guard HomeLand Of The Thicket Clearers
Mount RoyalLand Of The Narrow Waters
White OaksNew Navel Of The Moon
ProvidenceRed Island
Big House TownLand Of The Rebellious One
Saint AnthonyLand Of Friends
Freeman's TownWest Virgin's Land
Breast Hill CastleNew Enclosed Farmshire
Waterfall CityLand Of The Cloudy Water
NameLand Toward Which The Sea Flows
City Of The Navel Of The MoonNavel Of The Moon
Little RockLand Of The South Wind People
Ash Tree TownLand Of The River
Saint Heraldwolf's StoneLand At The Little Big Hills
StoneSouthern Land Of Friends
WatertownLand Of The War
HartfordLand Beside the Long Tidal River
MudwaterStrait Of The Great Spirit
FreewomanNorth Freeman's Land
New FortNew Isle Of Spears
Mount RoyalThe New 7th Legion
The PeaceLowland Of The Successor
Son Of MercygodLand Of The Great River
TorchMountainous Land
Meeting PlaceLand Of The Beautiful Lake
Saint Famous WarriorLand Of The People With Dugout Canoes
Red People's CityLand Of The Red People
Good LandRed River Land
The FloodplainsSnowy Land
Famous Warrior's TownMeadowland
The MessengersLand Of The Successor
Salt Lake CityLand Of The Sun
Remote Corner Where Rough Grass GrowsNew Land Of Darkness
New Yew Tree VillageNew Yew Tree Village
CurlyheadLand Of the Beautiful River
PortlandLand Of Folks
City Of The Flowland PeopleLand Of The Flowland People
Dry PlaceDry Place
Danish FordReddish Land
DovetownSouth Freeman's Land
StraitLand Of The Big Lake
WoodedLight On The Mountains
Living UpstreamLand Of The Shallow Water
Overseer's BorderlandNorthern Land Of Friends
Beach PastureNoblebright's Land
Red TalkerLand At The Big River Flat
Children Of The SunMarsh Farm Land
From The CowfordDoveland Of The Tattooed
Sheltered BayIslands Of The Goods
Pit Dweller's TownLand Of The Main Hill Wood
Good Place For PotatoesLand Of The South Wind People
Town By The Mountain Of MountainsFarmer's Land
Virgin's BeachVirgin's Land
WellbornBeautiful Land
Dyeing Wood MountainGreen Mountain
Stink OnionsLand Of Those Who Speak Normally

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