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First LineCharacterSeason
Get a room! Whatever that is.Season 4
Oh yes, I dropped my bags off and shook hands with the baby, but I wanted to come talk to you about Avery's situation.Season 6
Jack, you handsome son of a gun! This guy gets younger every time I see him!Season 1
Welcome back, I'm here with Sheinhart-Universal vice president, Jack Donaghy. Thanks for sitting in the hotbox, Jack.Season 4
Right, like that's a stretch.Season 2
Hey, that's awful!Season 3
You're my girl, right? I take care of you, huh? Who knows, maybe we'll see Natalie Morales. That little firecracker, she gets my blood running south of the border.Season 1
Chumley. The beverage situation around here is reprehensible.Season 1
And it's nice to meet you Jack. Sorry, there was something in my throat. I'm ___________.Season 3
Hey, you must be Jack Donaghy. ____________, vice chair of farm subsidies, acting head of FEMA, temporary acting head of the FBC while the acting head is on trial.Season 2
Hey, that's cool. Is that a French Planet of the Apes poster?Season 1
Hey, whatever happened to TiVo? Remember you used to fast forward, it'd make that sound? Boop-boop!Season 6
Excuse me--whiskey, straight up.Season 2
It's really nice to meet you, and I'm a big fan of the show.Season 4
What's up? Hey, have you looked at the cat lady sketch? It's still seven minutes long.Season 1
Hi, I think I'm supposed to be on TV?Season 4
And this is the set of The Girlie Show. It's a real fun lady's comedy show, for ladies!Season 1
No, I'm not Kenneth, but he told me all about you guys. Let me guess who's who. You must be Toofer.Season 6
It's me only rate.Season 5
What was your reason for wanting to adopt?Season 3
Ah, I was afraid this might happen. Y'know, he's on so many different neuroleptics, tricyclics, that there's no telling how they'll mix.Season 1
He's bluffing!Season 1
I am a Jedi! I am a Jedi! I am a Jedi!Season 1
The Girlie Show. Hold on, I'll connect you.Season 1
You don't wanna hear about school, it's dumb.Season 5
Yes, sir. We have reports of a nitrogen leak on this floor.Season 1
Dennis, baby, I would've got here sooner but I passed out laughing on 69th Street!Season 6
She's like a summer sky, a slice of cherry pie, the nicest butterfly, me oh my!Season 1
Excuse me, I'm looking for Francis Rossitano.Season 5
There's my baby!Season 2
First LineCharacterSeason
Where you goin?Season 3
You are the dealbreaker!Season 4
Want to go to Vegas and buy a bunch of sarcophagi?Season 1
That's my fault. I get off on the sneaking around. Who knew, right?Season 2
Scuse me, there's a line.Season 1
Johnny! Ah, it's been a while. You look good. Do you remember my fiance, Vincent Foley?Season 1
You need to light some incense in here.Season 5
Oh. Thanks, Oswald. Oswald was just helping me hang some pictures.Season 3
There she is! The dealbreaker!Season 4
Yeah, or like a big coffee dispenser.Season 1
Or your job, Jack!Season 1
Ahoy there, Jack! __________, nice to meet you! I'm a hugger--nope, doesn't count as a hug unless it goes on for ten seconds.Season 5
Liz Lemon, we got a problem.Season 1
I understand. Elder care can be stressful.Season 3
Jackykins! Oh, nevermind! Well, well, well, well, well! This must be the one! Phoebe. Welcome!Season 1
Can you tell me why you come up on my phone as 'future wife?'Season 4
Lemon party--permission to land!Season 2
Excuse me, I'm supposed to meet you here.Season 4
Gary's dead. I'm ___________.Season 1
Thanks for meeting me here, Mr. Donaghy.Season 2
He's still on the phone...oh no...area code 407. When did this happen?Season 1
You may enter.Season 2
That's my maiden name! I keep tellin ya, things have changed. But not your hair. It's like a shag carpet, I wanna sit on it and play a board game!Season 4
Okay, I'm _________, a mediator, and you two are having a dispute. Now, why is that?Season 3
Gimme your fingernails!Season 1
Kiss kiss kiss!Season 3
Sorry, honey, you gotta get closer to the gator. We drove eleven hours to get here and you're not getting any younger!Season 4
What's up, Richie?Season 5
This fat suit smells like corn chips.Season 1
Mr. Donaghy, hi, you probably don't remember me.Season 1

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