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Can you name the facts about the movie 'Jerry Maguire'?

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Movie director
Year of US release
Amount of Academy Awards
Movie soundtrack
Main character
Played by...
'Show me the _'
'_ me, _ you'
Jerry's age
Jerry's job
Jerry's wife
Played by...
'You had me at _'
'You _ me'
Wife's age
Wife's job
Wife's son
'Let's go to the _'
'The human head weighs _ pounds'
Son's nanny ('au pair'/'child technician')
Nanny's favorite music genre
Wife's 'disapproving' sister
Wife's late husband
Jerry's first fiancée
Month of proposed marriage
Fiancée's sport
Jerry's protégé/enemy
'It's not show-_ it's show-business'
Jerry's mentor
'The key to this business is personal _'
Jerry's original #1 client
Original client's football position
Original client's musical instrument
Location of NFL Draft
Original client's team
Jerry's original company
Jerry's concussed hockey client
Concussed hockey client's team
Title of Jerry's mission statement
Jerry's personal assistant
Jerry's fish
Jerry's only client after his sacking
Played by...
'Towel?' 'No, I _'
'If you tell me to eat _, I'll eat _'
Only client's football position
Only client's team
Team's Monday Night Football opposition for playoffs
Only client's jersey number
Only client's word for 'love, respect, community and the dollars too'
Only client's wife
'I'm sorry, I'm just a little _ here'
Only client's younger brother
'Hello, _ Maguire'
Only client's son
'That's my _!'
Only client's baby daughter
Only client's university
Company of only client's commercials
Value of only client's new contract

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