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Key word definitions
Something that is hidden becoming known e.g. truths in the Bible
The world around us
Who you are e.g. your personality
Making promises to another and being devoted to them
Being in charge and having power over others
Having power over another
A breakdown in a relationship
A sense of wonder and fear
Judging someone before you know them
Vowing to not have sex until you're married
The ultimate Being, seen as the creator of the world
Believing that there is something after death
Key word definitions
Having compassion for all the people in the world
Looking after the world for God
A strong affection between people
Something being made e.g. the world
The non-physical part of a human that lives on after death
Representing an idea through an image e.g. the Cross
A group of people with something in common
Treating people differently because of their skin colour, gender etc
Duties you are expected to carry out
Believing that all people are the same
Saying sorry and making up after an argument
Where people are not treated fairly

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