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1 billion Harry Potter fans globally. Not more than a couple hundred can get a score of 40 on this quiz. Are you fan enough?

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The three Peverell brothers were named Antioch, Ignotus and ________?
Which cousin of Aunt Muriel was a Healer at St. Mungo's?
Complete this immortal line- 'Turn to page...'
In his first ever banquet at Hogwarts, Harry tried a bit of everything except the _____________.
Colin Creevey's father is a __________.
Which educational decree gave the Hogwarts High Inquisitor authority over punishments, sanctions and removal of privileges of Hogwarts students?
'Seven past five from _________ Hill.'
With what spell did Hermione make the birds attack Ron?
What did Marcus Belby's uncle invent?
The prefects bathroom is near the statue of __________.
I am suffering from ague. I may be cured by eating ____ eggs.
Where did Harry find the Silver Doe?
The campaign for relegalisation of Creaothceann in the 1960s was led by Magnus '_______' Macdonald.
What present did Hagrid bring Golgomath?
What curse combined with Jelly Legs gave Crabbe tentacles on his face?
Who was the editor of the Daily Prophet?
Filch's Correspondence Course in magic was called ____________.
Harry's library due date for Quidditch Through the Ages was-
In which of his books does Lockhart reveal his favorite color is lilac?
The Quintaped was the result of a family feud between the McCliverts and the ______.
What was the name of Tom Riddle Sr's Muggle girlfriend?
Which TV show did Dudley want to catch, when the Dursleys were on the island shack?
What did Bill and Fleur give Harry for his 17th birthday?
The first student to get sorted after the Sorting Hat's warning was
A beloved knockback jinx in the Harry Potter video games, it was canonized by its appearance in the Cursed Child-
Malfoy Manor is in which county?
Who was the Muggle PM's Junior Minister, whose brains were addled by a poorly performed Imperius Curse?
Which team did Wales lose to in the 1994 Quidditch World Cup?
The seeker in Harry's first ever match against Slytherin was-
What, according to Xenophilius, was Luna fishing for?
The name of the third-year Divination textbook was-
What Polyjuice Potion ingredient had to be picked at the full moon?
Who killed the Grey Lady?
How much did a unicorn horn cost when Harry first visited Diagon Alley?
The foul of a beater hitting a bludger towards the crowd to obstruct play is called-
The smallest of the known dragon breeds, with a special appetite for humans.
What does the fourth floor of St. Mungo's deal with?
The witch who kept throwing up on the knight bus was-
Which wizard was caught smuggling flying carpets into England?
Who started the tradition of beheading lack house-elves once they got too old?
The Muggle policemen James Potter and Sirius Black encountered in an alley were called PC Anderson and Sergeant _________.
Aragog's wife was called ________.
The heading of the SPEW manifesto is?
The record for the fastest snitch catch is held by-
What the Gryffindor password around the time Hermione punched Malfoy in the face?
What Christmas gift did the Dursleys send Harry?
Professor slughorn had a fondness for crystallised ____________.
In the Quidditch final in Book Three, Gryffindor's final score tally was-
Who was the male Ravenclaw prefect from Harry's year?
Ron Weasley:Spiders::Harry Potter:?

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