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Who plays Harry Potter?
Who plays Draco?
What is Voldemorts full real name?
What are Harry, Ron, and Hermione searching for?
What is Harry Potters full name?
What is the second book in the series?
What is the last book in the series?
Name a Horcrux
Name a Horcrux
Name a Horcrux
Name a Horcrux
Name a Horcrux
Name a Horcrux
Name a Horcrux
What house was Severus Snape in?
Who was the founder of Ravenclaw
In the Chamber of Secrets, who did the sword belong to?
Where did Dumbledore die?
What is the killing curse?
What spell makes light come out of the tip of your wand?
What spell drives away Dementors?
What prison do Dementors guard?
Who is Harry's Godfather?
Who is Wormtail? (thepersons name)
Who is Ron weasleys dad?
Where does the second task in the Triwizard Tournament take place?
Who is the half-blood prince?
What creature killed moaning myrtle?
What creature is dobby, winky, and kreacher?
What class does Neville teach?

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