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who suggests that the room of requirement should be used for the DA meetings?
Which forest are the trio in when the patronus in the form of a doe leads harry to the sword of gryffindor?
what is the name of albus dumbledore's sister?
who is the half-blood prince
which horcrux is destroyed second?
which spell does Harry perform on Malfoy from the half-blood prince's potion book?
who kills Bellatrix lestrange?
Harry saves the lives of three weasley's; Ron, Arthur and who?
Who's Animagus is in the form of a beetle?
Who saves Harry and Sirius from the Dementors by the lake?
Who is Harry's squib neighbour?
What must Harry or Dumbledore wipe on the rock, in order to access the cave in which the locket horcrux is hidden?
who finds harry on the hogwarts express after Malfoy jinxes him?
What is Voldemort's mother's name?
who is Harry's first crush on?
who is the sneak who sells out the DA to professor Umbridge?
Who is caught selling items from the house of Black?
which character gets their ear blown off by a death eater?
whose nickname was moony?
who accidentally takes a love potion from Romilda Vane?

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