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Can you name the Costumes in God of War?

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Chains of Olympus
Infinite Magic 
Increased Strength 
Increased Red Orbs 
God of War
3X as many Blue Orbs, 50% more Green Orbs. 
3X as many Green Orbs, more Blue Orbs, decreased Strength. 
4X as many Red Orbs, decrease in Strength and Defense. 
2X as many Orbs, 50% less Strength, infinite Magic. 
2X as many Orbs, 2X damage, increased Defense. 
Ghost of Sparta
2X all Orbs, half cost on all magic, armor increased by 4X, 2X damage with Arms of Sparta 
Useable only in the Combat Arena. 
4X Thera's Bane damage, 4X Fire Meter regeneration, armor reduced by half. 
Damage taken reduced, 2X Thera's Bane damage, increased Fire Meter regeneration, enemies drop Red Orbs when hit. 
Increased combo time, Blades of Athena and Arms of Sparta damage reduced by half, magic costs doubled, enemies drop Blue Orbs when hit. 
Increased damage with Arms of Sparta, reduced damage with Blades of Athena, armor is reduced. 
God of War II
2X as many orbs. 
2X as many orbs, 2X as much armor. Strength reduced by half. 
Great increase in Red Orbs, 2X as much Strength. Armor reduced by half. 
Boost in Green and Blue orbs, 2X as many Red Orbs. Small Decrease in Armor. 
+50% Strength, Half as much Armor. 
Increase in Red Orbs obtained, Reduction in all other orbs and stats obtained. 
All Stats are Doubled. 
God of War III
50% damage dealt, 50% damage taken.  
500% increase in orb value. 
25% damage taken. 
Deals 200% damage, takes 50% damage and 200% increase in orb value. 
200% increase in orb value. 
400% damage dealt and taken. 
Deals enhanced combat damage, increases 400% Health, Magic and Gold Orbs. 

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