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Can you name the Clinically Significant Microbacteria?

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G- coccobacilli associated with lower respiratory infections
G+ normal flora on the surface of skin
G+ coagulase negative normal flora of skin
G- glucose +; common cause of UTI
G+ novobiacin resistant cocci in sexually active females
G+ club shaped bacilli with metachromatic granules
G+ bacitracin sensitive cocci
G+ gamma hemolytic; causes anthrax
G- normal nasopharyngeal flora; causes meningitis
G+ alpha hemolytic cocci; causes pneumonia
G+ small alpha hemolytic cocci; bacterial endocarditis (group)
G+ beta hemolytic cocci; Group B
G+ short rod-shaped; causes abortion in pregnant women
G- small beta hemolytic coccobacilli normally present in large intestine
G- urease-producing bacilli found in soil and water
G-urease-producing bacilli; indole producing colonies
G+ bacilli; causes food-poisoning especially from rice

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