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I got one thing to say to punk asses who hate, motherfuc*ers don't know what you better watch what you say.
Wake up, grab beer, grab rear, shave beard, put on some scene gear
We will fight, or we will fall, 'till the angels save us alll
Start gettin' loud, I wanna party now, If you hate on undead that's a part foul
The only evidence they have is a police sketch of my mask
I've lost it all, fell today, it's all the same
So from dust till dawn, you know undead is always on, hit it once like a bomb, hit it twice and then I'm gone
These lies are leading me astray, it's too much for me to stay
So watch my chest heave as this last breath leaves me, I am trying to be what you're dying to see
Throw it all away, throw it all away, I keep on screaming but there's really nothing left to say
It was once a dark lonely summer's eve on the lonely streeets of Sunset
Cause I don't wanna be like this, I've been running these streets for to long now
Come on down to the city of L.A.
Cause there's no other place that I'd rather be than Los Angeles

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