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Who took Rick after he blew out the bridge
Where does Hershel sneak off after the barn craziness
What was Morgan's son called
Who drops the key for Merle's handcuff
What did Abraham say before his death
What weapon was used to decapitate Hershel
What was T-Dog's real full name
Who cut off Aaron's hand
What kind of rose did Carol give to Daryl
Who started to dig graves after the dream he had
Who does Arat kill after Rosita tries to kill Negan
Who bit Tyreese on the arm
Who was Judith named after
What vehicle did Dale have
Who was Deanna's husband
What did Dwight feed Daryl in the savior prison
What game were Beth and Daryl playing while drunk
What was Michonne's deceased baby called
Who was Aaron's boyfriend
Who killed Denise
What game was Spencer and Negan playing
Who was the Governor's right hand before the prison
Who stayed behind the CDC with the scientist
What was Carol's husband called
Which prisoner did Rick kill
What weapon does Duane hit Rick with
Who was hunting the deer while accidentally shooting Carl
What was the Governor's real full name
What did Michonne's walker-gram spell, to Merle
What colour dress was Lori wearing in Rick's hallucination
Who killed walker Sophia
Who did T-Dog sacrifice himself for
Who bit Andrea on the neck
What did Hershel leave in the prison for the Governor to find out
Who does Michonne save in the season 2 finale
What is the camp called that Tara found
What name does the Governor use to introduce himself to Tara's family
What did the door at the hospital, after Rick woke up from the coma, say
Who accidently left the door open for Negan
Who were Michonne's 2 walkers called
Who cut Judith from Lori
Who killed walker Shane
'If you're staying, this isn't a ... anymore'
Who killed Beth
What was Andrea's sister called
Who killed Lori
How did Sasha die
What weapon was Denise killed by
Where did Eugene say 'the cure' was
What did Carol tell Lizzie before she killed her
Who shot Carl in the eye
Who killed Jesus
Whose leg did Gareth and the others eat
What is Daryl's choice of weapon
Who did Lizzie kill
Who sent Carol away after she killed the sick in the prison
What body part did Negan cut out of Spencer
What did Maggie name her son
Who let the walkers out of the barn in the farm
What does the Greene family feed the walkers in the barn
Who was the first to get 'the fever' in the prison
What was the Governor's daughter called
What did Glenn say before his death
Who did Noah die because of
Who killed Karen and David
Who was the scientist at the CDC called
Which 2 prisoners did Rick accept in the group
What did Michonne bring to the prison when she was first found
What were Enid's 3 famous words
What do the governor and Carl have in common
Who abducted Glenn and Maggie as they were after the formula
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