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What was the nickname Izzie's mother gave her
How old was Meredith when her mum tried to commit suicide
What was George's nickname
What disease did George get from Olivia
What type of cancer does Izzie get in season 5
What colour shirt was Derek wearing when he first met Meredith
What is Derek's favourite band
What hospital did Seattle Grace merge with
What was the name of Meredith's and Derek's first patient
What religion is Cristina
How did George die
Who did Izzie get in to a fight with on the first day of the merger
Who said that Izzie was their surgical bitch
Name of the shooter
What does Owen Hunt suffer from after Iraq
Who's ------ Who? (episode)
What happened to Cristina in season 2
Which patient did Izzie Stevens fall in love with
Which nurse did Alex sleep with while dating Izzie?
Who did Derek date in season 4
Which Cardiothoracic surgeon replaced Burke
What was Derek's and Meredith's dreamhouse made out of
How much money did Denny give to Izzie
What was George's father called
Who has a miscarriage in season 3
Who is Cristina's love interest in season 5
What department does Bailey take interest on in season 5
What place was Seattle Grace Hospital put on in season 5
What does Izzie refer to herself as to her interns when she is diagnosed with cancer
What was Izzie's chances of survival when she had cancer
What was Mark's kid called
Who joined Owen from Iraq
Which country did Arizona go to in season 7
What disease was Derek's clinical trail dedicated to
Which patient did Teddy marry
Where does Cristina flee to after the plane crash
How much are the plane crash survivors offered
After the hospital goes bankrupt which department closes down
What is the hospital called now
What was the name of the boy that Owen wanted to adapt
Who died from electrocution
Who was the intern that slept with Arizona
What was the name of the doctor who Arizona cheated with
Who does Owen date after his break up with Cristina
What is Alex's dads name
What did Bailey suffer from after she was blamed for the infection problem
Who does April nearly marry
What is the name of the company that donates organ
What award was Cristina nominated for
Which country does Cristina now work in
Who dies at the end of season 11 :'(
What is the name of Meredith's youngest
Who is Callie's new love interest
Where did Callie's new love interest used to work
Who wwon the custody battle of Sophia
What is a patient called when their identity is unknown (girl/boy)

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