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Season number, episode number, and hintName of episode
S. 1, E. 1 (Experimental first episode)
S. 1, E. 2 (Romance+Showbiz=)
S. 1, E. 3 (Will's boy band)
S. 1, E. 4 (OMG! Quinn is...)
S. 1, E. 5 (April)
S. 1, E. 6 (Not vitamin A, but...)
S. 1, E. 7 (Between Sue and Will)
S. 1, E. 8 (When you blend two songs together to create an even richer explosion of sound)
S. 1, E. 9 (Artie is sometimes called)
S. 1, E. 10 ('A male duck')
S. 1, E. 11 ('It's like cool epilepsy')
S. 1, E. 12 ('JUMP!' on...)
S. 1, E. 13 (The first round of Glee club competitions)
S. 1, E. 14 (And hi to you too!)
S. 1, E. 15 (Vogue...)
S. 1, E. 16 (I'm coming ____, I'm coming ____)
S. 1, E. 17 (The 'good' gleeks now want to get a ______)
S. 1, E. 18 (An illness that affects your throat)
S. 1, E. 19 (One of Aerosmith's nost famous songs)
S. 1, E. 20 (What is Shelby tryong to demonstrate when she sings 'Funny Girl?')
S. 1, E. 21 (The one genre Vocal Adrenaline just can't do)
S. 1, E. 22 (The regionals performance: a _______ mash-up)
Season number, episode number, and hintName of episode
S. 2, E. 1 (You have to _____ to get in to the Glee club- but everyone gets in anyways)
S. 2, E. 2 (Hit me baby one more time!)
S. 2, E. 3 (Caution: Please do not eat)
S. 2, E. 4 (When two people sing a number together it's a ...)
S. 2, E. 5 (Let's do the time warp AGAIN!!)
S. 2, E. 6 (Until Karofsky, Kurt has ______)
S. 2, E. 7 (A very interesting one, Miss. Holliday was....)
S. 2, E. 8 (Finn+Kurt=)
S. 2, E. 9 ('Why don't you come on over Valerie')
S. 2, E. 10 ('Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the waaaaay')
S. 2, E. 11 (Post-Superbowl episode)
S. 2, E. 12 (Valentine's Day- themed
S. 2, E. 13 (Sue makes her _____ by going to coach Oral Intensity)
S. 2, E. 14 (Don't blame it on the sunshine, moonlight, good times, OR boogie... Blame it on the _____)
S. 2, E. 15 ('Everybody's got a random')
S. 2, E. 16 (A home-made song)
S. 2, E. 17 (The Glee characters do songs by _____, unappreciated artists)
S. 2, E. 18 (I'm on the right track, baby I was ______)
S. 2, E. 19 (Don't spread em'!)
S. 2, E. 20 (The competition for ____ and King has been a recurring issue with Quinn...)
S. 2, E. 21 (The theme of Jean's _____ was 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
S. 2, E. 22 (Yay! Nationals are in _____!)

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