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Can you name the Before and After 5?

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Can you guess these before and afters?
Phrase often said by Michelle Tanner, 2000 film starring Ashton Kutcher and Sean William Scott
A 1998 horror film starring a doll, red-headed scardey cat from the Nickelodeon cartoon 'Rugrats'
Married to Matthew Broderick, Plays Daria Marks in 'Dazed and Confused'
'Danger Will Robinson!', A 1996 looney toons film starring Michael Jordan
'Get off my plane!', the timeless classic by Barenaked Ladies
Britney Spear's first single, Cyndi Lauper's smash hit
'Home Improvement' Heartthrob, childrens classic TV show with Ringo Starr
Film where kid pitches for the cubs, 2009 prehistoric Jack Black and Michael Cera comedy
Elvis said he felt so lonley he could die here, Academy Award nominated film starring Don Cheadle
1997 Teen slasher flick, 1999 film starring John Leguizamo
Can you guess these before and afters?
Kenny Edmonds, Flick starring John Travolta and Nicholas Cage
Singer of 'One Love', heartwarming film featuring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston
Band that sings 'Crash' and 'Everyday', HBO Mini Series about WWII
It is a Faux Pas to wear this color after this day, 2004 American apocalyptic science-fiction film
He'll probably let you finish but...., play about the jets and the sharks
Aerosmith song, female popstar responsible for 'Poker Face' and 'Just Dance'
Shakespeare play, film starring Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell
Daniel Day Lewis won an Academy Award for this 2007 film,s a 2006 action/adventure drama film starring Leonardo Dicaprio
side project of Death Cab for Cutie singer Ben Gibbard, light on your car dashboard informing you that you may need to the body shop

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