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Can you name the charcters in Edith Wharton's classic 'Age of Innocence'

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French Tutor
Host of international Guest of Honor
Main Charcter
Family the Countess stays with in Newport
Who goes to Florida every winter
Englishman's mistress who runs away with him to Russia
Englishwomen Main Character and his wife visit on their honeymoon
Planner of once a year gala after the opera
Founder of the 'Valley of Love Community'
Main Character's true love
English Buisnessman who is very unfaithful to his wife
Countess' Aunt
Main Character's youngest son
Guest of Honor at dinner
Sister of Main Character
Main Character's first son
Bohemian journalist friend of the Main Character
Main Character's daughter
Gossiper's sister
Expert on 'form'
Main Character's boss
Most powerful people in New York society
Grandmother who is 'obese'
Opera Singer in opening scene
Who Main Character has an affair with before marriage
illegitimate daughter and soon-to-be wife of Main Character's son
Main Character's Wife
Has parties on Sunday
Main Character's widowed mother
Countess' maid

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