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How old was Leslie when Dave and Lynne met?
List the eight youngest family members from youngest to oldest (First names).
What is Allie's job title?
What instrument does Jeremy play?
What sport did Harry officiate?
What race used Doug's image on their T-shirt?
What year was Carl R. Pursell Inc. founded?
What position does Alec play?
Where did Laura and Keegan go for their honeymoon?
Who was President when Brad was born?
What year did Harry and Jeanette get married?
What is Alec's last name?
What position does Bryan play?
Who wrapped himself in bubble wrap for a school spirit day?
What is Zeina's full name?
Where was Cris's first job?
Whose nickname was taken from a Sesame Street character?
What year did Steve and Karen marry?
Where was Carol's first job?
What are the names of Keegan's siblings?
What was the name of the Pursell's dog circa 1990?
What was Harry’s rank when he was honorably discharged from the military?
Where was Cris when he broke his left wrist?
Where was Cris when he broke his right wrist?
What month and year did James and Tab get married?
What instrument did Rick play when he was in a band?
What instrument did Erin play?
Whose middle name is 'Denna?'
What is Leslie's favorite animal?
What was Bud's grandmother's first name?
What foreign city did Matt live in before he met Janel?
What unfortunate reaction did James have the weekend of his middle school graduation?
What type of towel was stolen from Donna on the beach in summer 2010?
Who is the first President that Jeanette voted for?
What is Jenn's major?
What type of sneaker did Tim give his groomsmen as gifts?
What was the year of Bud's final retirement?
What two siblings broke their fingers in the same week?
What lanuage did Andrew take in kindergarten?
What was the name of the male lobster who gave birth to hundreds of baby lobsters?
What is Janel's favorite animal?
What did the lady who sat behind our group at Sixers games every time Allen Iverson was shooting f
What positions did Andrew play at Castleton in reverse alphabetical order?
Who was born December 3rd?
Name in order all of the streets Dave has lived on in chronological order(excluding Lafayette)?
What subject does Leslie teach?
What was Dave's football number at Lafayette?
What were the names of Lynne's bridesmaids in alphabetical order?
What building has the name of each member of the OC Shrops posted on the wall?
What is the motto Shropshire, England, (hint Floreat Salopia)

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