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'People are stupid and just want to be loved. That's the only reason anyone does anything.'
'I was drunk, vulnerable and good-looking and you took advantage.'
'You don't feel finished because this isn't the end for you. There is no finish line. There is no end point. You've just got to go.'
'God made you short, who made you quiet?'
'Sometimes you wish people would just see themselves the way you do.'
'And then she's single, dyeing her hair a new color, and you know what? It's really hard to manage your roots when you've been committed to the pysch ward.'
'I don't know! I only have one shoe!'
'It's life saving technology, Shane. If you want it faster, page God.'
'I prefer to be called Ruler of All That is Evil, but I will answer to Satan.'
'A month ago you were in med school being taught by doctors. Today, you are the doctors.'
'Plus she has naturally thin hair which could be a sign of early menopause.'
'I just punched a guy and it felt really good.'
'I'm not a spoon, I'm a knife. And I'm going to stab you in the eyeball.'
'Oh right. Jesus isn't a fan of the vajazzle.'
'I'm the guy who repaired your broken jaw, and I'm also the guy who broke it.'
'I just can't think about anything or anybody and I can't sleep. I can't breathe. I can't eat. And I love you. I just love you all the time. Every minute of every day. I love you.'
'The shower works better with you in it. He's hungry and my nipples are no use to him.'
'I was special! I was young, gifted and black, and everybody knew it. Attendings knew it, Chief knew it.'
'I mean, you can have the worst crap in the world happen to you. You can get over it. All you gotta do is survive.'
'Everyone I love either cheats on me or dies. Or cheats on me and dies.'
'You want to call me Dr. Model? That's fine. Just remember that while you're still sitting on two hundred grand of student loans... I'm out of debt.'
'I just got out a job interview that was more intimate than most rectal exams.'
'My father believed in country the way that you believe in God. And my father is not a man who bends, but he bent for me because I'm his daughter. I'm a good man in a storm.'
'How long do I have to work here before they insert a bug up my ass? You guys are all so cranky.'
'I am laughing, just not externally.'
'Oh, screw beautiful. I'm brilliant. If you want to appease me, compliment my brain.'

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