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Can you name the the common word/phrase for these medical terms?

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Medical TermCommon TermClue
allergic rhinitishappens alot in Spring
contusionI...uh...ran into a door.
halitosisintimacy is not helped by this
myocardial infarctionSURPRISE!! causes this a lot in fiction
pediculosisew cooties
pyrexiahappens 'when you kiss me' and 'when you hold me tight'
verruca#1 sign that you are a witch
alopeciathe greatest cover-up in history
Medical TermCommon TermClue
cerumenyou can try and make a candle out of it
epistaxisit would stop if you kept your finger out of there
morbillirhymes with the name of a ferret-like animal
naevussmall and sometimes hairy just like the animal of the same name
syncopeVictorian ladies did this to get a bit of attention
varicellabock bock
stertorous breathingfor harmonious marriage, sleep in another room, preferrably at the other end of the house

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