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What kind of underwear was Britta wearing in the 'Paintball Assassin' episode?
What was Britta's name in Jeff's phone before he changed it to 'Britta Perry?'
What is Starburns' real name?
What is Senor Chang's first name?
What book is Annie reading when Abed impersonates Don Draper from Mad Men?
Who stole Annie's pen?
What is the name of Pierce's ex-stepdaughter?
What is Jeff's religion?
What item does Pierce believe his mother's spirit lives in?
What type of movie does the chicken fingers episode spoof?
What does Shirley name her baby? (first and last name)
What grade does Professor Duncan give to Annie? (on a scale from 1-10)
Which in Englad is a...?
In Jack Black's fantasy, what item does Britta believe Annie took from her?
In the Anthropology assignment, what tool does Jeff say is most important?
Who put gum in Britta's hair?
Of the members of the study group, who is the first eliminated from paintball assassin? (season 1)

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