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Can you name the Fronk n Dego Film?

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If only people scared kids every holiday...1 Word
There's only one left...2 Words
OMG!!! HE'S REAL!!!1 Word
This isn't usually part of my morning routine...2 Words
'The sun was in my eyes!'1 Word
'Your not getting it, until you say it right!'2 Words
Wow...i want that cereal...NOW!3 Words
I don't think these guys are going double platinum...1 Word
Three guys experience a day unlike any other.6 Words
'Our kitchen food has some nasty mouthes...'1 Word
'This is how we brainstorm for movies'1 Word
'Nooo, there all gone! Sing to me!!!'2 Words
Aaron warns Vinny about the dangers of his new choice in energy drinks.2 Words
Aaron's new toy turns out to be more than he expected.1 Word
The dead have risen from their graves to take over civilization. There's only one thing...all they want are the men.2 Words
Donte and Charles have a showdown over coveted 'goods'...but then things go sour.2 Words
Paul, Perry, and Peter go spread some joy, but when they encounter Debbie Thompson, the town bitch, everything goes wrong.3 Words
Vin and Aaron score a super cheap place to live, and soon realize why.2 Words
These guys live life on the edge, but stay away from drugs and alcohol, by running, jumping, and tumbling their way around Chicago.2 Words
One wish would change their lives forever...1 Word
Vin Delicious spits some truth around town.3 Words

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