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'What we have here, is a failure to communicate.'Damon Waynes
'We got no food, no jobs, our pets' heads are fallin' off!'Jim Carrey
'Hey, you no want breakfast?'Extra
'I'll be like the iron chef of pounding vag'Jonah Hill
'I will see you there or I will see you on another time'Paul Rudd
'I refuse to go down in history as the dudes who destroyed the Universe!'Ashton Kutcher
'Wiler, after the shanangans you pulled last year, you're still lucky you're still in god d*** uniform god d***it' Ed Lauter
'Alright, If I see Bobby, I'll tell him I Love him'Marlon Waynes
'You paying attention right now?' 'No'Jim Breuer
'I'm going to rub my nutsack on your drum set'Will Ferrell
'You've got two coconuts in your hands, bangin' them together'Unknown
'No pink eye here, I'm just really..'high''Martin Starr
'Wedding in Hawaii, real original!'Jason Spiegel
'Rule number 5, you're an idiot'Owen Wilson
'You can milk anything with nipples'Ben Stiller

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