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Can you name the all nhl teams by logo?

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A flaming 'A'
The first letter in this teams name is in the shape of a footprint
A tornado like bird is holding a hockey stick
The teams first letter inside a black circle, all trimmed with gold
an animal above two crossed swords
A flaming 'C'
A seal is holding a hockey stick inside a giant C
a red and black natural disaster
a native american sideways
a letter represents a mountian with a puck sliding down
A mountian with a c in the center
The states flag surrounding a star
a part of a star replaces the A in this teams name
a wheel that can fly
a circle with the team name and a drop of liquid inside
a cat lunging
A big W with a tail of a creature above it
a man riding a horse with the letters kc all inside a red circle
a crown with two hockey sticks
a N with an arrow pointing up to a star
a beast with a picture of a forrest with-in it
The letter of the teams name with a H inside it
picture of a saber tooth tiger
a red NJ with spiked horns an tail
shows the region of the team with the teams name inside a circle
the name of the team is written diagonally
a soldier with an armored helmet
a black and orange P with wings
an animal howling
an animal playing hockey
A letter N with a hockey stick and a puck
a musical note
an animal biting a stick
a blue flash of light inside a circle
a leaf with the teams full name inside
a whale thats swimming on a big C
a blue and re baldeagle in the shape of a W
a circle with a countries native leaf and a aircraft in the center

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