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Forced Order
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In Rockin' In the Free World, what will the kid never be able to do?Neil Young
In Crazy Train, who does he listen to?Ozzy Osbourne
In Limelight, what is the universal dream?Rush
In Ace of Spades, what is watching you?Motorhead
In The Spirit of Radio, what kind of companion is the voice?Rush
In Sympathy for the Devil, the trubadors are killed before reaching what city?Rolling Stones
In Band on the Run, what is the sailor's name?Wings
In Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac, what won't she take from him?Fleetwood Mac
In Ruby Tuesday, what can't she be chained to?Rolling Stones
In Rebel Rebel, what did she tearDavid Bowie
In Roxanne, he tells her to put away what?Police
In The Boys are Back in Town, who was he driving crazy?Thin Lizzy
In 867-5309 Jenny, who does Jenny think he is like?Tommy Tutone
In Tom Sawyer, his mind is not for rent to who?Rush
In Baba O'Riley, what does he not have to fight for?The Who
In Smoke on the Water, what shoreline are they on?Deep Purple
In Gimme Shelter, what are the three natural disasters?Rolling Stones
In Highway Star, his girl will stay close on every what?Deep Purple
In Won't Get Fooled again, what line is never sung?The Who
In Paint it Black, if he looks hard enough into the setting sun, what will his love do with him?Rolling Stones

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