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Forced Order
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Jedi knight who is best friends with Obi Wan and has a padawan now.
Jedi Master who fights with Commander Cody and Anakin Skywalker
The headstrong padawan of Anakin.
Friend and mentor of Ahsoka, also a jedi master.
The only Jedi with a purple lightsaber
The little green Jedi who speaks backwards and is a great fighter
His first appearance was in Landing at Point Rain
Jedi who fights with Commander Gree
She is one of the Jedi who crash lands on Mirrodon in Jedi Crash
The Dark Lord of the Sith
The current apprentice of the Dark Lord of the Sith
The apprentice of the above character
The half human half machine general of the droid army.
The leader of the Trade Federation
The senator who is in league with the Seperatists; Padme's former lover.
The Senator who tries to poison Padme
The commander of the 501st leigon.
The commander who fights along side Obi Wan most of the time.
The commander of the 327th Star Corps
The Commander of the senate security clones.
Commander of the 41st Elite
The commander of the mission to Rugosa in the first episode.
Senator from Naboo
Representative from Naboo
Senator from Alderaan
Senator from Ryloth

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