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Tonight, we are intertwined And we are laying side by side So don't you try To fight, those feelings that you hide Smile Kid
Strapped in So you get the best of me Now what's left are the memoriesWe The Kings
You are the reason I am the best I'll be So let me stitch your heart so it won't bleedSmile Kid
Nicotine and faded dreams, Baby, just believe There's no one else like me.Sunshine State of Mind
We'll right a song that turns out the lightsWe The Kings
Do you think I'm fond of Getting you and letting you down And I'll get mine soonWe The Kings
Watch the world just turn away and break the promises you made Single
Broadway in my brain the corner where my dreams became mistakes it was written all over your faceSunshine State of Mind
Sweet dreams that won't come true I'd leave it all for you Brick walls are closing in Let's make a run tonightWe the Kings
You used to be my worst enemy clever and you're thinking of ways to get out of this one.Friendship Is A Touchy Subject
I'm so lush addicted to your laugh, convicted by your smile that holds me backBetween the Ink and the Paper
Lookin' hard for the city of angels I lost my maps There's no turning back All I see is a city of strangersSmile Kid
I know it took a little while I know I cried a couple tears every step was like a mile every day a million yearsSunshine State of Mind
I feel your breath reach on my neck You lock the door behind my backSecret Valentine
Baby, once upon a time there was a million stars up high Now you're the only light I seeSunshine State of Mind
And you know I'll storm Through your castles doors Cause you know that I'm good for youWe the Kings
your long black hair is covering your eyes and you can't see me slowly dying.Friendship is A Touchy Subject
Our silhouettes will follow closer ready to ascend Yeah we could be ripped apart from all of this girl from all of thisBetween the Ink and the Paper
And as the sun goes down And all the dark's around I get the feeling we can't run home Smile Kid
Faster, everyday, we’re breathing Faster than a bullet speeding Photos make our memories stand clear Sunshine State of Mind

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