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Can you name the facts from either The Vampire Diaries, Twilight, or both?

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FactV-Vampire Diaries, T-Twilight, or B-for
The main female character falls in love with a vampire.
There's a really hot werewolf pack that don't like the vampires.
The main character's dad is a police man.
The main character's little brother wanted to become a vampire.
They must kill the evil vampires.
The main female character gets pregnant and basically dies.
The main character's best friend is a witch.
Sunlight makes them sparkle! :D
The vampires are not harmed by holy items.
FactV-Vampire Diaries, T-Twilight, or B-for
The main female character is from Arizona, but really pale.
The main female character has a friend who is a werewolf
One main vampire drinks human blood the other one drinks animal blood.
A really hot werewolf imprinted on the main character's daughter.
They have special rings that let them walk in the sun.
The two main male characters are in love with the same girl for the second time.
The main male character's 'sister' can see the future.
The main female character found out about vampires by herself.
The werewolf's ex-girlfriend is a vampire.

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