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She loves music but she hates my band Loves Prince she's his biggest fan She's not big on holding hands But that's alright cause I've still got her
I’ve never been the best with my mouth Tried to stay smart, but the dumb comes out Maybe I’m shy, drive an old car Maybe I’m amazed that I got this far
When she speaks it makes me grind my teeth, Yet he still thinks she's amazing. And she's been playing games, Ever since 98', Shallow is as shallow does, Some people never change.
Should have taken time Things will be just fine To bite the hand that feeds Coz nothings ever mine And just wait your turn And always try to learn To love the ones that don't show
and now we're here, we're so confused, and i wish that there was some way that i could tell you. and if it takes all night, I swear i'll wait, for you, forever.
And you bet she took your word Cuz she said you'll never learn All the things that you put her through Don't know why she's coming back to you
A heavy plate for one to undertake I hate to say I told you so, but I just thought I'd let you know
to Southern California. where the girls would all pass on the boardwalk and laugh at our desperate attempts and our sunburned backs we never had a chance,
So you can lock me out, Yeah baby throw away that key, Because all I know, Is that this is where I wanna be.
You had me hanging on your last word And now I'm feeling a little less than trusting You had me wishing we were something But left me here with a whole lot of nothing now
Oh she's slippin' away. I always freeze when I'm thinking of words to say. All the things she does. Make it seem like love. If it's just a game.
But I'm fine with it you don't have to worry I thought I had it all but I gave it away I quit that old job now I'm doing okay
Now that we're closer. Two kids, one love. Who cares it we making it up. Her voice is sweet sound.
Sometimes you can feel so smart Just like a ghost in school clothes But my days are moistly hazy 321 here comes the hurricane baby
That there was something going on with them Santa, you player, I thought we were friends Please come back home and leave that fat man alone
And I still remember How your lips taste On holidays. You leave in December, What can I do to make you stay?
And now I'm here and I cant get you alone I think I'm just beginning to understand You just like having me up again
If I could gather up the nerve, I'd put my feelings into words, And if I weren't so young, or stupid, or restless, I might be able to just soon forget this.
You've got your daddy's flirt, And your mother's eyes, Soon enough girl, you're gonna realize, When the pretty boys try to get next to you, They really just wanna have sex with you
I was the dark before the dawn The voice without a song The words that came out wrong But you heard me all along
The lights are all lost, there's no one around We've both lost our minds, nowhere to be found

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