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Can you name the trivia from the Mortal Instruments book series?

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Forced Order
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What type of tea does Jace hate?City of Bones
What book does Jace read Clary?City of Lost Souls
What animal did Jace remind Clary of in the first book?City of Bones
What's the name of Jordan's roommate at the Praetor Lupis? City of Lost Souls
Why does Jace want to get Izzy a dictionary for Christmas?City of Ashes
What does Jace say the stars on the Morgenstern Ring stand for?City of Fallen Angels
What animal does Jace despise?City of Lost Souls
Finish the line: Love makes us...City of Glass
What did Jace get for his 5th birthday?City of Bones
Where are the marks drawn in a Shadowhunter wedding?City of Fallen Angels
Does Clary like the blinds closed or open while sleeping?City of Glass
What book were Jace and Clary looking for in the manors library?City of Glass
What did the bracelet Jonathan wear say?City Of Lost Souls
Why can Simon walk in the sun?City of Ashes
What line did the girl use on Jace in the grocery store?City of Fallen Angels
Where did Simon summon Raziel?City of Lost Souls
What food can neither Jonathan or Clary make?City of Lost Souls
What color did Clary see when she kissed Sebastion?City of Glass
What food is Izzy and Simon making in Amatis's kitchen when Jocelyn come back?City Of Glass
Who does Alec see when Clary creates the rune in Accords Hall?City of Glass
Who says 'lately I've been cross-dressing and I've been sleeping with your mother. I just thought you should know.'?City of Bones
What is Maia's worst fear?City of Ashes
What type of tattoo did Clary want on her shoulder?City of Bones
What does Hodge tell Simon his name is while they're in prison?City of Glass
Who said 'if you were half as funny as you thought you were,my boy, you'd be twice as funny as you are'?City Bones
What is Magnus' cat's name?City of Bones
Finish the line: I don't trip, but I do...City of Lost Souls

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