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she said get your hands off of my star it's not your part but all your fault and this jealous actress has a habit of making things sound way too tragicA Lesson in Romantics
You don't have to walk alone tonight I don't have to be a gentleman You don't have to say a single word Or make believe that we could be just friends Anywhere But Here
And I could call you baby doll all the time And you'd whisper in my ears, you'd say, 'I missed you boy' Now sing it over again, and over again, and over againTales Told by Dead Friends
Consider this as a gift as you taste him on your lips And he's making you scream with his hands on your hipsA Lesson in Romantics
Closed lips, she was never one to kiss and tell Those trips in the summer never went so well Young love is such dumb love Call it what you want, it was still enough Anywhere But Here
And this time we spent together Has got to last us quite awhile As I take this piece of you with me I'll carry it to my graveTales Told by Dead Friends
We made love by the ocean As the waves crashed around you Sunsets never were so bright And the skies neYou opened up into my arms And we laughed as I held you I'll never go back toA Lesson in Romantics
So here's your song. It's twisting me. I'd give anything to make you scream. And I'll just smile, and make believe I don't feel a thing. That doesn't work for me.Mayday Parade
And I’m dreaming all the time My heart is racing, yeah I’m dreaming all the time Won’t you be mine?Valdosta
This was supposed to be the easy part But breaking down is what I found hard Now I'm wearing this smile that I don't believe in Inside I feel like screamingAnywhere But Here
Let's write a song that we can sing to And you can lead the choir And put the hook where it hurts most And you threw a spark that lit the candle A Lesson in Romantics
Now most of the time, we'd had too much to drink And we'd laugh at the stars and we'd share everything Too young to notice, and too dumb to careValdosta
Maybe it will all work out like in the movies But I know Romeo must die before the ending With a final poison kiss delivered gently Mayday Parade
I can't forget you I know you want me to want you I want to But I can't forget you So when this is over don't blow your composureTales Told by Dead Friends
And we'll go spinning around the room And dance with our hearts on fire Cause every song is ours tonightA Lesson in Romantics
New York, you know you make my heart skip In my dreams I make it into VegaSeattle hits me every time I can't get Chicago off my mind New Jersey taught me how to let go Anywhere But Here
I really didn't see us singing through this Then you screamed the bridge And i cried the verse And our chorus came out unrehearsed And you smiled the whole way through it A Lesson in Romantics
But what's holding me back, is the thought of time we never had. My world's hangin' by three words that I can't bare to say. Anywhere But Here
And she thinks she'll be my tourniquet As the record on my stereo Plays her favorite song for two whole days And the drag stretched out for miles and milesA Lesson in Romantics
Cuts on paper hearts They can be awful deep Lips from wear and tear on different city streets Don't all need a home, but just a place to sleep A Lesson in Romantics

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