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Can you name the hilary duff songs? Do you remember the Hilary Duff days?

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Thank you, you made your mind up for me when you started to ignore me do you see a single tear it isn't gonna happen here
'Cause perfect didn't feel so perfect Trying to fit a square into a circle was my life
I'm the one who made you laugh Who made you feel And made you sad I'm not sorry For what we did
Even when the walls come crashing down You still can never be A rebel without a cause A rebel to the first degree
Talks with a grin Cause she’s got no shame Enjoyed the fame Bringing down the family name
Why don't you just close your eyes And kiss my lips and let it go Just let it flow It's what I'm waiting for
You hit me fast and hard When you turn to me and say Never change the way you are
Watching people live their lives Wonderin what it means Sometimes getting what you want Is easier than it seems I dont want to save the day
I have walked this earth with broken bones I've been keeping secrets under all these lights But when you're around my defenses go
You always dress in yellow When you want to dress in gold Instead of listening to your heart You do just what you're told
Every day is a transformation Every day is a new sensation Alteration, modification An incarnation, celebration
Let me give you some advice There's a girl across the room Who'd kill to be with you tonight
I guess I'm my own again Like I'm some kind of enemy Never a friend to me Remember when you used to say Things will always be this way
You signed my name on your arm. You put so much in my heart. When the darkness rolls in, I'll be there through thick and thin.

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