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Can you name the Harry Potter facts (all years)?

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What is the first name of Harry's oldest son?7th (part 2)
What did Hagrid zap on Dudley's butt?1st
What was the name of the 3 headed dog?1st
Where did Ginny kiss Harry for the first time?6th
Where was Cedrich killed?4th
What is Hermione's parent's occupations?all
Who was the head master after Dumbledore dies?7th (part 2)
What is the name of the wild, enchanted tree?all
What did Harry stab Tom Riddle's diary with?2nd
What did Harry get rewarded in potions class for making a successful pot of the Drought of Liquid Death?6th
In quidditch, what ball is thrown through the holes?all
What was the name of Ron's rat?1-3
What animal did Moody turn Malfoy into?4th
What type of bird did Dumbledore own?all
What wast the name of Hagrid's dragon?1st
Who did Lockhart admire the most?2nd
What was professor Slughorn disguised as when they found him?6th
What did Dumbledore leave to Harry after he died?7th (part 1)
What did Neville loose on the train?1st
What part of Harry's body did Luna fix?6th

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