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Forced Order
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QuoteCharacter Episode
You cracked a funny *name*Family Ties
And you've taken up residency in Stefan's bed ergo...Children of the Undamned
Got a hot date or do you plan on nabbing the entire Gilbert family?Fool Me Once
I should change the locks. Stage a jail break?Fool Me Once
What's the deal with this Bella girl? Edward's so whippedFamily Ties
The hot weird one?Children of the Undamned
That horrble grunge look did note suit youPilot
Harvard I understood...actually no i didn't understand that either.Family Ties
Have you've been eating bunnies?Night of the Comet
I rocked your worldBloodlines
Ugh! You were so much more fun when you were asleep!Bloodlines
BTW that means by the wayFriday Night Bites
Wake up woman the world has moved on!There Goes the Neighborhood
QuoteCharacter Episode
This is John Varvatos dude...dick moveFamily Ties
It's all rah rah go team yeah!Friday Night Bites
Teacher by day vampire hunter by nightLet the Right One In
No *name* I will not go to your bedroom with youUnder Control
That's for me to know and you to dot dot dotNight of the Comet
Let's not kill anyone tonight your wordsBlood Brothers
Let's get hammeredThere Goes the Neighborhood
You can drive the get away carLet the Right One In
More pep in your stepMiss Mystic Falls
But you can't deny...we were bad ***Let the Right One In
Pay my regards to the squirrelsLet the Right One In
No seriously GeorgiaBloodlines

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