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Can you name the answers to the following Strangers With Candy trivia questions?

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AA blind boy who tries out for the football team
BAlt-rocker modeled after Marilyn Manson (He’s chronic)
CFlatpoint High’s Mascot
DThe name Jerri gives to the baby she takes care of for health class
EThis bully challenges Jerri to a showdown after school
FThis food breaks Jerri of her hunger strike
GMr. Jellineck’s first name
HMr. Noblet teaches this class
IPrincipal Blackman’s secretary
JJerri’s flamboyant classmate
KJerri’s lockermate, suspected retard
LJerri’s boyfriend that insists they must keep their relationship secret
MWeight gain powder used by Jerri’s stepbrother Derrick
NEpisode 1: Old Habits, ___ ________
OJerri’s Filipino friend
PPrincipal Blackman had never had caramel on this before
QJerri’s stepmother tells Mr. Noblet that she had this title in high school
RJerri’s stepmother’s meatman thinks this group is out to get him
SThe new name the Safe Trap House cult gives Jerri
TJerri’s redheaded friend
U'I was a boozer, a ____, and a loser.'
VJerri finds out that she is a prodigy with this instrument
WWhat Jerri thinks V-I-C-T-O-R-Y spells (her first guess)
YDerrick’s girlfriend, Homecoming Queen
ZLast name of the doctor that treats Jerri for STDs

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