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What is Jujubee's real name?
Which queen released the song 'This is How We Jew it'?
Who was the winner of the Season 6 main challenge 'Shade: The Rusical'?
Which two queens impersonated Lady Gaga on Snatch game?
Complete the queen: Stacy _____ ________
Who was the first to be eliminated in Season 5?
Who said: 'Don't wear bacon!'?
Which queen claimed to have 'cracked the code' of the show?
Which season saw Shangela make her last Drag Race appearance?
What garment was Honey Mahogany wearing when she was eliminated?
Which queen was first to be eliminated in Season 4?
Which former contestant had a cameo in the first challenge of Season 7?
Whose Season 2 autobiography was entitled 'Young, Broke and Fabulous'?
Which queen won Miss Congeniality from Season 5?
Complete the quote: 'Laguardia, Newark, _______'
Whose entrance line is: 'Oh, y'all wanted a twist, hey? C'mon, Season 6, let's get sickening!'
Which queen's given name is Justin Johnson?
Which actress had a cameo at the end of Shangela's song 'Werqin Girl'?
What are Latrice Royale's 5 G's?
Which queen's parting words were 'There's always time for a cocktail!'

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