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The ___ system handles information and is a complex communication network in which signals are constantly being received, integrated, and transmitted.
Cells that receive, integrate, and transmit information
Neurons that communicate with other neurons
Neurons which receive signals from outside the nervous system
Neurons that carry messages from the nervous system to the muscles that move the body
Cell body; contains the cell nucleus and much of the chemical machinery common to most cells
Parts of a neuron specialized to receive information
Specialized structures that transmit information to other neurons or to muscles or glands
White, fatty substance that serves as an insulator around the axon and speeds the transmission of signals
Small knobs that secrete chemicals called neurotransmitters
Points at which neurons interconnect; junction where information is transmitted from one neuron to another
Support neurons by, among other things, supplying them with nutrients and removing waste material
A very brief shift in the neuron's electrical charge that travels along an axon
If a neuron receives a stimulus of sufficient strength, it fires, but if it receives a weaker stimulus, it doesn't.
A signal that must be transmitted from a neuron to other cells
Where terminal buttons release chemical messengers
A microscopic gap between the terminal button of one neuron and the cell membrane of another neuron.
Neuron that sends a signal across the gap
Neuron that receives the signal
Chemicals that transmit information from one neuron to another
Small sacs that these chemicals are stored in
Voltage change at the receptor site on a postsynaptic cell membrane
Process in which neurotransmitters are sponged up from the synaptic cleft by the presynaptic membrane
Made up of all the nerves that lie outside the brain and spinal cord
Made up of nerves that connect to voluntary skeletal muscles and sensory receptors. Carry info from receipts in the skin, muscles and joints to the CNS, and from the CNS to the mus
Controls automatic, involuntary, visceral functions that people don't normally think about (heart rate, digestion, perspiration)
Mobilizes the body's resources for emergencies and creates the fight-or-flight response
Conserves bodily resources to save and store energy
Nourishes the brain and provides a protective cushion for it
Monitors the electrical activity of the brain over time by means of recording electrodes attached to the surface of the scalp
Destroying a piece of the brain; typically done by inserting an electrode into a brain structure and passing a high-frequency electric current through it to burn the tissue
Sending a weak electric current into a brain structure to stimulate (activate) it
A new technique that permits scientists to temporarily enhance or depress activity in a specific area of the brain
Computer-enhanced X-ray of brain structure
The hindbrain includes:
Critical to the coordination of movement and to the sense of equilibrium. Damage to this disrupts fine motor skills
Contains several clusters of cell bodies that contribute to the regulation of sleep and arousal
Concerned with certain sensory processes, such as locating where things are in space. Origin of an important system of dopamine-releasing axons.
Runs through both the hindbrain and the midbrain; lies at the central core of the brainstem; contributes to the modulation of muscle reflexes, breathing, regulates sleep
Largest and most complex region of the brain
Structure in the forebrain through which all sensory information, except smell, must pass to get to the cerebral cortex
Regulate the four Fs- fighting, fleeing, feeding, and f***ing
Loosely connected network of structures involved in emotion, motivation, memory, and other aspects of behavior
Largest and most complex part of the human brain. Includes brain areas that are responsible for our most complex mental activities- learning, remembering, thinking, consciousness
Structure between the right and left brain hemispheres
This lobe includes the cortical area where most visual signals are sent and visual processing is begun. (back of brain)
The name of the cortical area mentioned above
This lobe includes the area that registers the sense of touch (top back)
The area that registers the sense of touch
This lobe contains an area devoted to auditory processing (front bottom)
Area devoted to auditory processing
The degree to which the left or right hemisphere handles various cognitive and behavioral functions
This area of the brain plays an important role in the production of speech
Patients with damage in this area can speak normally but have difficulty understanding others
This hemisphere usually handles verbal processing
This hemisphere usually handles nonverbal processing, such as that required by visual-spatial and musical tasks
Left-right imbalances between the cerebral hemispheres in the speed of visual or auditory processing
This system consists of glands that secrete chemicals- hormones- into the bloodstream that help control bodily functioning
This stimulates actions in other endocrine glands
The process of determining the location and chemical sequence of specific genes on specific chromosomes
The study of heritable changes in gene expression that do not involve modification of the DNA sequence
The minimum stimulus intensity that an organism can detect
Proposes that the detection of stimuli involves decision processes as well as sensory processes, both of which are influenced by a variety of factors besides stimulus intensity
The registration of sensory input without conscious awareness
A gradual decline in sensitivity to prolonged stimulation
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