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'But this is my autographed copy of 'The Solar System is Your Friend'!'This person pulled out a tissue of their jacket when they were looking for a subsitute during the Sibuna sacrifice.
'It is ten o'clock, and I want to be able to hear a pind drop!'This person was forced to betray their friend.
'It's really dark down there...'This person was knocking around.
'I would like to see your face in a toilet bowl...'This person has a picture of an ice cream cone on the wall of their room.
'We are going around in circles, Old Man!'Men in black...
'S- to the O- to the R-R-Y!'This person steals the fruit bowl.
'It's either geek, goth, or goody-two-shoes.'Joke shop
'Yea, very impressive, Mick.'This person has a flare for hair...colors.
'I just wanted to ask if you shaved your eyebrows! They're super shapely...'This is who it's all about.
'Mick!'School, school, school. That's what's in this person's mind.

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