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Can you name the members of the Felt by their powers?

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PowerMemberPun Behind Name
No power, but please don't hurt her
Can fix temporal anomalies with his trademark weapon
Can use fire as a gateway to travel through time
Can follow your future trail
Thinks he can travel forward in time
Slows down time around him
Slows down time for only himself
Sends himself and opponent to random points in the current timeline
PowerMemberPun Behind Name
Can follow your past trail
Fix temporal anomalies which act as tears to Lord English's coat and the effigies of the Felt
Putting someone's pin into his voodoo doll takes him to a timeline where that person is dead and vice versa
Is ridiculously lucky
Has coins that can summon other members of the Felt, or kill them
Literally punches enemies into next week, or another calendar entirely
Can go back in time in increments of up to an hour

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