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Can you pick the correct answer to these random questions about Australia?

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What is an Animal found on the Australian Coat of Arms?
Who are the original inhabitant of Australia?
What is a musical instrument used the Aboriginal people of Australia?
What is the name of the Australian National Anthem?
What is a landmark found in Northern Territory?
Who did the first Australian of the year award go to?
What is a landmark found in New South Wales?
What is the national floral emblem of Australia?
What currency is used in Australia?
QuestionsAnswersExtra Info
What is the Capital of Australia?
What is the egg-laying mammal that is unique to Australia?
What year did women get the right to vote?
What is a weapon used by the Aboriginal people of Australia to hunt?
What is the large area of desert wilderness towards the middle of Australia known as?
How many states does Australia have?
What is a landmark found in Queensland?
Who is the current Prime Minister? (2016)
Is Australia a Country or Continent?

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