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She may be young but's got pipes and can blow! If y'all play a game, she'll beat you fo-sho!
Did I say 'fo-sho' on that last one? This guy usually says that & mean mugs for fun!
Leader of the pack, not just a pretty face, has a lot to say and we hang out at his place!
New to the group but that's still cool, we love how you treat her and we hear you're no tool!
Extraordinary lady with kitchen skills to match, she's been looking good lately, Bill's gonna tap that!
Speaking of skills, this guy is a stud so we know on Sat. night, he won't be a dud!
P.Y.T., smart and bold, your hair is soooo perfect! Is it made of gold?
Pretty in purple, an animal lover, she loves watching lost and P.O.T.W.'s : )
Man of few words but that's still cool, in fact my darling, you make me drool! : )
Some times he's here, some times not, plays some mad v-ball, let's see whatcha got!

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