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DescriptionsNo need to worry about capital letters
Kandake of Meroe who campaigned against the Romans. When peace came around, she negotiated a treaty that would benefit her country as well as Rome.
Soviet aviator. Founded the Night Witches and two other bomber groups.
Was known as the warrior of a thousand swords. She is credited for develping the dual katana style of Japan.
Mayan queen who was known as 'Kaloomte' or 'Supreme Warrior' (pay attention to apostrophes)
Two sisters who led a mass rebellion against the Han Dynasty during China's first occupation of Vietnam. This is Vietnam's first main war for independence.
A spy for the Allies. Nicknamed the 'White Mouse' by the Nazis, who could never capture her.
Founder of the Women's Battalion of Death, a group that would serve in the trenches of WWI on the side of Russia.
One of the most feared pirates of the 18th and 19th centuries. Chinese.
Apache woman who led guerrilla attacks against white settlers.
Powerful military general in China in 1200 BCE. Was a high priestess and concubine.
Celtic queen who led a mass revolt against the Romans during the time of Emperor Nero. First destroyed Colchester.
English queen with French origins. Pariticipant in the War of the Roses. Lancastrian.
Mongolian princess who was a contemporary of Marco Polo. She was a great wrestler and fighter, and won 10,000 horses off of suitors.
DescriptionsNo need to worry about capital letters
French duchess with Flemish origins. Leader of the Montfort faction during the beginning part (Breton Wars) of the Hunderd Years War after her husband was imprisoned by the King.
African slave led uprising that released thousands of slaves in Jamaican plantations. Founded a town called the Maroons.
Worked with the Special Operations Executive during WWII. She was primarily in charge of recruitment after she had risen through the ranks.
During the American Revolution she rode a distance on horseback that was greater than double the length of Paul Revere's in order to warn the army of trouble.
Samurai warrior who led the Women's Army during the Boshin War.
Soviet ace fighter pilot who served during WWII
Anglo-saxon warrior princess/queen who campaigned against the Danelaw during the Viking Age.
Queen of the Massegetai. Defeated Cyrus the Great after her tried to conquer her lands.
Vietnamese revolutionary who led the second major war of independence against China in the 200s CE.
Leader in South American wars of independence. Multiracial. Postuhumously awarded title of general in Argentina.
Led troops against the tyrannical Sui armies in order to put her father on the throne. Credited for the Tang Dynasty and the end of the Sui government.
Pirate who served the Montfort faction during the Bretton Wars. Nicknamed 'The Lioness of Brittany'.

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