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In which Italian city did opera first begin?
What composer wrote both the libretto and the music for a series of operas known as 'The Ring'?
What type of opera was the most popular during the Baroque period?
Who composed the music for 'Le Nozze di Figaro'?
Who was the most famous castratto of the Baroque period?
What 20th c. composer wrote the music for 'Porgy and Bess'?
Why didn't opera take hold in England during the 17th century?
What was considered the most important aspect of an opera piece according to the original creators?
What is the so-called 'speaking style' called in opera?
And the 'singing style'?
Which composer is credited with the creation of early French Opera, and the French Overture during the time of the Sun King?
What is the name of the German form of drama that is a mix between opera and musical theater?
How did many composers convey a character's change in emotions or affect during an aria or an ensemble?
Which composer is famous for creating the Italian Opera conventions of the 19th century?
The Cavatina and Cabaletto combined make up what type of aria?
What ancient idea of music is opera based upon?
Which composer wrote the score for 'Il Giasone'?
What was the name of the first opera to deal with the problems of the lower and working classes?
What Italian noble house did Claudio Monteverdi work for during the Court Opera period?
Human interest operas of the 19th and 20th centuries usually dealt with people from what social class?
What are the little musical themes that occur throughout later opera to signify an idea, person, place, etc.
What type of dance HAD to be in operas performed at L'Opéra, the great Parisian opera house?
What aria was the most common or popular for Opera Seria?
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