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Can you name the 50 Strange Facts?

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Lightning heats skin to ...
What food doesn't spoil?
Number of letters in Hawaiian alphabet
Ostrich's eye is bigger than its ...
Only bird that can fly backwards.
Flamingos eat food ...
Which came first, Lighter or Match.
Farm animal that cant look up.
First internet domain name.
Easiest color to spot at a distance.
Largest employer in the world
Is 'Happy Birthday to You' Copyrighted
Number of bones you lose when growing into an adult
Longest national anthem.
Largest Seeds
Common fruit that contains cyanide
Animal that can dig a dirt tunnel up to 300 feet long
Can you tickle yourself
How long of a line can a normal #2 Pencil draw?
Change in gravity can effect your ...
Total surface area of human lungs.
Animal that has caused the most deaths
Elephant's feet are mostly ...
US state that has a royal palace still being used
Strongest muscle in body
Color of octopuses blood
Current population of China
Color of polar bear fur
Animal that can move its eyes independently
Florida is larger than what common European country
The Mona Lisa has no ...
Worlds largest ______ is as long as two footballl feilds
Animal other than human that have seven vertebra in their necks
Buttermilk has no ...
Common merchandise that is not sold at Disney Land
An animal that can last longer without water than a camel
What family do apples and peaches belong to
How long can snails sleep
Over its lifespan, sharks can lose up to _____ teeth
How long id a day on Mercury
Sound of a whip
Color of hippo sweat
Cockroaches can live weeks without their ...
Farts are mostly ...
At a given time, how much of a dolphins brain sleeps
Most common time displayed in watch/clock advertisements
Household dust is mostly ...
Most lipsticks contain elements of
How lond does it take for the average person to fall asleep
The amount of videos (time) that is uploaded to youtube every minute

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