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Can you name the lyrics from the original I Love the World (2008) commercial from the Discovery Channel?

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I love theTwo astronauts on a space walk
I love theTwo astronauts on a space walk
I loveThe Millau Viaduct bridge
I love whenA great white shark jumping out of the ocean in an attack (Shark Week)
I love theLes Stroud with a camera lying in a desert (Survivorman)
And all itsThe Hong Kong skyline at night
Boom de yadaAlaskan crab fishermen (Deadliest Catch)
Boom de yadaAn African tribe dancing (Going Tribal/Last Man Standing)
I love theA surfer paddling to catch wave
I loveMike Rowe in a sewer with rats (Dirty Jobs)
I love toA man in a land speed record breaking vehicle
I loveA scientist examining an Egyptian mummy
I love theA temple of Buddhist monks; in alternate versions, a space shuttle launch
And all itsA deep sea sub with James Cameron and a cirrate octopus
Boom de yadaA Dilated Peoples concert; Richard Machowicz firing a Milkor MGL grenade launcher (Future Weapons)
Boom de yadaA construction catching Machowicz's fire; in alternate versions, a volcanic eruption
I loveJosh Bernstein standing in front of a tornado
I loveBear Grylls examining a tarantula (Man vs. Wild)
I loveA man in a fire proximity suit next to a lava flow
I love theA humboldt squid
I love theA collection of people on a beach watching fireworks
It's such aA collection of people on a beach watching fireworks
Boom de yadaAdam Savage setting Jamie Hyneman's arm on fire (MythBusters)
Boom de yadaStephen Hawking in a lecture hall (through his voice synthesizer); in alternate versions, a climber on Mount Everest flashing a V sign (Everest: Beyond the Limit), although Hawking's synthesizer is still heard
Boom de yadaA man BASE jumping into the Cave of Swallows (Planet Earth)
Boom de yadaThe two astronauts from the beginning floating in space.
Boom de yada'The World is Just Awesome,' Discovery Channel logo

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