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The bargain that was made between Clay and Adams were known as __________.
Following a small lowering of the tariff in 1832, SC called what?
Who were involved in the debate that went one for weeks in the US Senate?
Peggy Eaton Affair caused _______ of cabinet.
Alcohol, 'Demon Rum' brough what kind of societies?
Industrial Revolution in England and Europe created what?
Harrison's accomplishment: reestablishing the ____________ system in american politics.
McColluch vs. Maryland decided that federal law always trumps ___________.
What party oppsed the growing power of presidency
Clay became Secretary of __________ under Adams.
Jackson detested what as thousands clamored for fed. jobs?
SC threatened secession which led Henry Clay to make what? (TWO ANSWERS)
This party emerged due to AJ's being a Mason
Children were cheaper, small, and expendable which led to ____.
____ Canal connected NYC with Duluth, Winn.
AJ's and Biddle's Bank War was a reason for the _______.
Indian Removal Act of 1830 caused one of America's darkest moments known as the __________
(Young Children/ Teen girls/ Adults) Which one of them were forced to work in Mass. textile factories?
Seneca Falls Convention is considered to be the foundation of American ___?
Mott, Staton, Anthony initiated a congregation over women rights in 1848 known as the __________

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